Artless Nap 002 – Mary Donnelly Part 2

In this second episode with guest Mary Donnelly we talk about worms, holy relics, botany, colloidal silver, 3D printing, affiliate programs, alcohol, street racing, urban gardens, wine, fly fishing, poop, welding, work environments, oil painting, Trump, branding, quadcopters, Flippa, Andy Warhol, crop circles, bees, yellowstone wolves impact, Bravo, supervolcanos, sex dolls, kink shaming, affirmations,, and more. Give it a listen. Or take a nap.


Live In Ok –

Flippa –

America saving wine –

Conccrete Canvas –

Radiation on mars –

Straight Edge –

Whole Foods Okc –

Yellowstone Supervolcano bulge –

3D printed house –

T-82, a triple-barrelled pistol carried by Russian cosmonauts on space missions –

Paul Bagley –

Listen (audio only): –

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