Artless Nap 020 – Heidi Bell / Partonism

In this episode Heidi Bell returns to chat about our new cult, Partonism, where we worship Dolly Parton, Lost Boys, Fall, change, nostalgia, serial killers, chicken noodle soup, 3 buck chuck, fights, Nicolas Cage, introverts, extroverts, concert seating preferences, bathrooms, skipping class, sanitary pads, Brett Michaels, Axe Body Spray, Amber Romance, tons of musicians, Bill Hicks, 80’s theme music, gender perspectives in writing, and pumpkin spice.


Heidi’s Podcast, 10 Things We Hate About Rom-Coms –

“Coven” has been used as a collective noun for vampires, possibly based on the Wiccan usage. An alternative collective noun is a “house” of vampires – Wikipedia –

Dolly Parton’s book donation program –

A Brief History of the Parking Meter –

Dark Side of the Moon / Wizard of Oz wiki –

Transgressive Fiction –

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