About Anthony Pego & Artless Nap

Hi everyone! My name is Anthony Pego, I’m a Chippewa native, artist from Okc, I make jewelry out of coins, I occasionally make monstery furniture out of wood, I was briefly Internet famous for drawing cats as politicians, I teach people how to paint at Wine & Palette, and now I podcast.

Artless Nap doesn’t mean anything specific, it simply refers to the moments I’m not working on art, and maybe how artless my drooling and snoring can be when I can sneak in a nap. When I’m giving up precious nap time I’ll be inviting my insane friends, people I’ve run across in the city that are crazy enough to come talk to the Internet, sometimes focusing on art, culture, politics, advocacy for passion projects, or just nap-inducing blather. I’m sure the show will evolve, especially with feedback from you lovely people. Give us a shout, let us know what’s on your mind.


Also try to get in a nap.


Anthony Pego

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